Jide ofo nig. ltd

With over a decade of experience, Jide Ofo Nigeria Limited is your go-to partner for property needs. With a team of experts in the industry, we help you find homes that suit your needs and budget.

In addition to purchasing properties, we also offer a wide range of services such as property management, building maintenance, financing arrangements, and more.

Transparency & Efficiency

Not only is it our responsibility to find you your dream home, but also provide you with a transparent and efficient service to seal the deal. We do all this with a smile on our face!

After years of hard work, we’re proud to welcome you to Jide Ofo Nigeria Limited, an innovative real estate agent in the Southeast Asia region.

We are a boutique firm specializing in high-end properties in Nigeria. Our team of expert agents is dedicated to putting your needs first and exceeding your expectations.

Our Services

Build Your Dream Home

If you're looking for a luxury property, our team will find it for you. We will help you with the buying process, negotiating the price with sellers and make sure that everything goes smoothly from start to end.

Focus on WHat matters

For those who need more help than what they can get from us, Jide Ofo Nigeria Limited offers a range of additional services: Financing advice, Interior design, Consultancy, Project management and Cleaning Services.

Other Services

We offer a full range of services from property search, home staging consultation, mortgage options, and much more. Simply tell us what you need and we'll take care of the rest. We're here for anything and everything!

Consultations with Jide Ofo Nigeria Limited agents

Do you want help finding your dream home but can’t afford a full service agent? Jide Ofo Nigeria Limited offers consultations with our agents so that you can get all of the information needed before deciding on our services.

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